ICF ACCREDITED COACH TRAINING PROGRAM – Level 2 – (PCC – Professional Certified Coach) Credential

    The LEVEL 2, “Professional Certified Coach” (PCC) program is for individuals who would like to deepen their coaching skills. This program enables individuals already on their journey to become ICF credentialed Coaches as well as Level 1 credential Coaches to imbibe the finer nuances of coaching by learning to listen below the iceberg, creating deeper awareness regarding beliefs and through the use of positive psychology, being able to learn the technique of having ‘unconditional positive regard’ for clients and is aptly titled, Potential to Performance

    ICF P2P Program Accreditation


    When we speak of Coaching, “ICF” (The International Coach Federation) is known as the principal accreditation body with worldwide recognition. The POTENTIAL 2 PERFORMANCE (P2P) – LEVEL 2 Coach Training program by MHRF aligns to the ICF curriculum and is based on the ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics. Click to view our Level 2, ICF Accreditation here

    This program is offered by MHRF in the following 2 formats

    1. 65 hours Bridge Program towards PCC credentialing

    • For those who are ACC credential holders (active or expired) looking at getting their PCC credentialing
    • For those who have completed their 60 hours of Coach Specific Training (ACSTH or ACTP) and are looking at getting their PCC credentialing

    2. 125 hours towards PCC credentialing

    The program is offered as :

    • Blended Virtual Learning program
    • Face to Face program
    • Customised corporate training (face to face)

    Course Objectives

    • Understand, reflect on and practice the ICF competencies at a deeper level.
    • Using the concept of Positive Psychology, learn ‘unconditional positive regard’ for your client and the client’s context.
    • Values & Purpose
    • Emotional Intelligence – Empathy based coaching
    • Growth / Life Wheel
    • Sweet Spot Analysis
    • Coaching tools and insights that will help you evolve as a Coach.
    • Consistently practice the coaching skills through peer coaching
    • Sessions, thereby enabling others to discover their potential.
    • Get 65 hours of coach training certification.

    Target Audience

    • HR and L&D professionals
    • Leaders and Managers
    • Any individual interested in imbibing coaching as a skill

    Planning your Credentialing Path

    • Based on the 8 ICF updated Core Competencies, the ICF Code of Ethics & The GROW Model

    • 125 / 65 hours of blended classroom training.

    • 10 hours of Mentored Coaching

    • 12 hours of peer coaching practice

    • Write your own ‘Coaching Case Study’

    • Work on your ‘Wheel of Life’ & discover your ‘Sweet Spot’

    • Blend of Eastern Spiritual Principles with Western Psychological Models

    The language of instruction will be English

    Course Structure

    125 hours towards PCC credentialing

    • Updated ICF Core Competencies
    • The GROW Model, Inner Game and other major coaching models
    • Knowing and practicing the essential skills required for coaching
    • Neuroscience, its linkage and application in Coaching
    • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), its linkage and application in Coaching
    • The Coaching Journey – a step by step process to be used by you as a Coach with a Client
    • Positive Psychology
    • Values & Purpose
    • Emotional Intelligence – Empathy based coaching
    • Growth / Life Wheel
    • Sweet Spot Analysis
    • Observed and Mentored coaching based on the above
    • Course Content Manual and complete training deck will be provided to participants

    65 hours Bridge Program towards PCC credentialing

    • The Foundational Basics of Coaching
    • Deep diving into the Eight ICF Core Competencies
    • Positive Psychology
    • Values & Purpose
    • Emotional Intelligence – Empathy based coaching
    • Growth / Life Wheel
    • Sweet Spot Analysis
    • Observed and Mentored coaching based on the above
    • Course Content Manual and complete training deck will be provided to participants

    About Mohana Kotian

    • Masters in Human Resources
    • Master Certified Coach from International Coach Federation
    • More than 30 years of industry work experience & more than 3000 hours of coaching experience
    • MBTI & FIRO-B accredited assessor, having done my Lab Process, Insights, Theatre, NLP Certifications and Landmark Forum
    • She has coached Senior & Mid Level Leaders viz. MD, CEO, Sr. VP, VP as part of her coaching assignments. Her coaching clients include United Nations Refugee Agency, HDFC, Aditya Birla, Astellas Pharma, Forbes Marshall, Godrej, Societe Generale, Flipkart amongst others.
    • At present,she is also conducting the ‘Leaders As Coaches’ program for Senior Leaders of Aditya Birla, HDFC,FCA India Automobiles P. Ltd, VM Ware, to name a few.
    • She facilitates leadership & behavioural training programs across India and 12 other countries(Australia, Canada, China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea,Thailand, Vietnam and UAE). By enhancing leadership effectiveness and through focused coaching conversations, Mohana has enabled her clients achieve their business outcomes.
    • Through the ‘Potential 2 Performance’ ICF Accredited Coaching Program, mentor coached Senior & Mid Level Leaders of HDFC, Aditya Birla, Merck Life Sciences, Astellas Pharma, Forbes Marshall, Godrej, Societe Generale, Flipkart, Deutsche, Sun Pharma, Welingkar, Lupin amongst others

    Coaching Philosophy

    As Galileo’s states, “You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him discover it in himself.” The P2P coach training program aims to enable individuals to discover their potential and thereby enhance performance. We believe this transformation will help in making the world a better place.

    Participation Pre-Requisite

    Intending participant should have at least 8-10 years experience in any industry

    Payments & Refund Policy

    Payments must be made prior to the date of the first session. 50% of the payment is refundable if the participant chooses to opt out of the programme one month prior to the 1st session date. All payments are non-refundable once the one month window is crossed. The option of paying in instalments is also available.

    Program Calendar


    Introductory Webinar
    – 1 Hour
    10.30am – 11.30am
    Type : Virtual
    Session 1
    6th April, 2024

    Session 2
    Sessions 2 – 6 – will be decided mutually when we meet on 6th April, 2024.

    *Minimum batch size is 6 pax.

    Basis the situation prevailing, Facilitator & Participants will mutually decide, for each of the above Sessions,
    the date, time and Session Type (Virtual or Classroom)


    To Be Announced


    The short answer is no. Currently there are no national or international regulatory requirements for coaches that we know of. Coaches are generally treated like management consultants. Client or customer chooses their criteria for hiring a Coach and an internationally recognized credential from a body like ICF helps.
    Yes you can start coaching whilst studying to become a Professional Coach. At MHRF, we offer peer coaching where you would firstly get to experience what it is like to be coached and be the client. You can then start coaching your peers and applying the skills and techniques learned in the classes. These practice sessions are designed to give you the confidence to start coaching people outside your coaching cohort, which can be your friends, peers or team members in office, family, etc.
    Yes the course material is sent to you before every session. After conclusion of every session, the videos and other discussion materials are also shared.
    The coaching industry is a voluntary self regulated industry. Coaches should adhere to The International Coach Federation code of ethics but there is no legal requirement to do so and no legal requirement to register as a coach. You can become a member of the ICF by paying an annual fee and once you have met the coach training, supervision and coaching hours set out by the ICF, you can apply for the designation of “Certified Professional Coach”.

    Simply by sending us a confirmation email on ‘‘ that you are interested in enrolling for our program.

    Currently the Coaching Sessions are conducted virtually, over the Zoom platform
    We do not provide coaching clients. We enable you to draw up a plan for your coaching journey.
    Yes, MHRF does have payment plans. Please call 9820317089 to know more.
    Yes, you can pay for the class in your local currency. We will raise the invoice for the program which will have our Bank account details and you can have your Bank transfer the same to the MHRF Bank account.
    Ideally, we would not want you to miss a class. In case of an emergency, we would work with you to make up these hours.
    MHRF gives you full refund in case you have paid for the session in full and would like to withdraw your nomination 15 days before the start of the first class. Once you have started attending the class, no refund is possible.



    Interview of Mohana

    Mohana features in Episode 8 of the #100MasterCoaches global show by Mel Leow,
    MCC of Catalyst Coach, Melbourne Australia.