As the fast pace of technology calls for innovative, out-of-the-box thinking, Organizations are seeking unusual approaches to meet the challenges they face.

    Legos are used for –

    • Strategy & Implementation
    • Change Management
    • Business Development
    • Communication & Operational Efficiency
    • Innovation & Branding
    • Team Synergy

    Our Lego sessions can start off with a question such as, “What does your Strategy look like 2 years from now ? Name one challenge that is hindering your growth. Create your answer with the LEGO pieces you have been provided. You have 10 minutes to develop your structure.” We facilitate the creative process by asking the right questions and during debrief we assist participants to draw out meaning from their creations and apply it back to workplace. The fun element makes the process extremely appealing !

    LEGO is about bringing valuable subconscious thoughts to the surface. Can little bricks made for children really do that?