The way to change people’s behavior is to appeal to their emotions and feelings.

    Stories and metaphors touch those feelings. It is when we shift people at an emotional level that we create shifts in mindset. Powerful stories go to the heart !

    We are all born storytellers as well as listeners and most of us consciously and sub-consciously leverage storytelling. 

    People make organisations. The employees of today and tomorrow continue building on the work carried out by people before them.

    The art of storytelling is one of life’s most powerful skills. A well-told story can be inspiring, energize us for a cause or even emotionally connect people and communities beyond boundaries. Over the centuries, this is the way we humans have transferred knowledge & wisdom and shared our culture & heritage.

    It may have started with verbal stories, moved to paintings (remember cave paintings!), then scriptures, books, photographs and now with the arrival of Internet, there are infinite ways to access stories. A good story has the ability to connect both the left (rationale) and the right (intuitive) side of the brain.

    A career coaching discussion with an employee or a group session with new managers and many others can be so much more powerful if the approach is not prescriptive or giving a how-to list, rather more of sharing experiences and learnings through them.