Creative expression, such as PHOTOGRAPHY, bridges your inner and external worlds to facilitate the highest form of self-expression. Creative expression helps develop mindfulness and widen perspective. The mindful process of creation and innovation helps to practice observational and communication skills, as well as bias awareness and empathy.

    Conducted Indoors or Outdoors as per client needs, each of our Photography based activities serves as the basis for discussion about topics such as diversity and cultural sensitivity, teamwork and problem solving, self-reflection and self-exploration, communication and self-expression, and observation. The focus is on exploring different perspectives, becoming more self-aware, identifying cultural values, improving creative thinking skills, the impact of stereotypes, identifying emotions, paying attention to detail, interpreting facts, exploring interconnectedness, and establishing community.

    When group members are willing to challenge traditional thought patterns and think “outside the box,” the group can be greatly strengthened as they discover new techniques for tackling problems and thereby taking informed decisions.

    The ability to take a picture and view it instantly through digital photography has changed the way we communicate and see the world around us.

    Today, people take pictures on their digital cameras, or Cell Phones and post them on a social networking site, e-mail them to friends and family, or upload them to a service for posterity.

    What Makes Photography a unique learning Tool

    • New – great if you’re tired of doing the same old stuff!
    • Setting – with the lights off, all sorts of fun things can happen.
    • Accessible to all – no prerequisites or fitness is required
    • Engaging – all participants will need to be involved, and everyone will have a chance to “shine”.
    • Fun – brings out the kid in everyone
    • Communication – this is at the center of all the photos, there are a lot of different parts that require co-ordination
    • Creativity – the possibilities are endless.
    • Time management – the shutter waits for no one, planning is often required.
    • Flexible – can be done at a range of venues Indoor or Outdoors
    • Weatherproof – can be done indoors, at night or during the day, year round.
    • Lasts forever – the event doesn’t finish on the day, you’ll keep the images forever.
    • Branding – images will be great for marketing and social media