Businesses today are breaking geographical boundaries, time constraints and cultural conventions. As a result Corporate training too is evolving. Today, training is delivered directly onto the place where employees are captivated most of the time: Their smartphones.

    With the low costs of smartphones and internet data packs, the usage of mobile apps is increasing by the day. Mobile apps help learners educate themselves at their own convenience.

    At MHRF, we are pleased to introduce to you our “POST TRAINING SUPPORT” Mobile APP.

    We continue to engage our participants BEYOND TRAINING and drive efficiency with our easy to use mobile application. Available for both Android and iOS users, our APP helps nurture training objectives post the training.

    Viewable online or offline, our participants receive program related content like but not limited to :-,

    • Articles
    • Presentations
    • Memes
    • Motivational Images
    • Learning Videos
    • Comic Strip based learning
    • Quizzes

    Periodically updating our Content, users are informed through notifications delivered to their phones.

    We also upload client determined microlearning nuggets, through our APP helping learners achieve higher proficiency levels.

    From the business point of view, our APP provides a great channel to push updates, notifications, new aspects, and thereby continuously connect with the learners.

    Basis client needs, we deliver tests and surveys through our APP and provide assessment and activity or user analytics to our clients.

    Our APP is free to download and while some of the content is “lifetime free”, access to our proprietory content, tests, surveys, assessments and analytic reports, involves a cost.

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