Executive & Business Coaching

    (Individual and Team)

    Executive & Business Coaching has become an investment that continues to yield return on investment for Organisations.

    Leaders and Managers who work with an Executive Coach benefit by having an experienced accountability partner who helps them hone their leadership skills, optimize performance and career advancement as well identify blindspots and roadblocks.

    Executive & Business Coaching is a two-way relationship between the Leader/Manager & the Coach.  It is future-focused and works to increase the Executive’s self awareness and self mastery in professional and personal relationships, as well as his / her ways of thinking, doing and being.

    Business Leaders looking to achieve long term success would benefit from working with an MHRF Coach in the following ways

    • Modelling leadership from the front
    • Enhanced productivity
    • Empowered decision making
    • Greater self awareness and self mastery, thereby higher levels of Emotional Intelligence
    • Effective feedback and communication
    • More engaged and happier Teams