Psychometric Assessments

    Psychometric assessments are a reliable method of objectively measuring cognitive abilities, attitudes, personality and knowledge skills.

    They provide a source of meaningful and consistent insights be it new recruits or upper management and help align individual employees’ aspirations with organisation’s requirements.

    Identifying individuals with a combination of potential, skills, and strong performance capabilities our assessments helps you identify the strategic skills your company needs and detect your rising stars.

    Our psychometric assessments include personality assessments, emotional intelligence assessments and behavioural preference assessments.

    The Process

    Basis your need, we offer the below assessments as a stand alone or as a blend with our other programmes.

    • MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) 
    • FIRO-B
    • DISC
    • Insights Profile
    • REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy)
    • PDA (Personality Development Analysis)

    Using these assessments, we have been successful in offering end to end solutions for Leadership Teams to enable

    • Behavioural transformation
    • Enhanced business results and thereby profitability
    • Highly engaged Teams leading to greater productivity
    • Eliminating bottlenecks and creating smoother processes