Customer Delight is bringing the ‘WOW’ factor to your customer, not once, not twice .. But with every customer interaction. Putting an emphasis on customer delight is about making your clients happy and building authentic relationships that stand the test of time. It is planned, designed and mindfully delivered.

    The WOW effect, is a level of satisfaction that goes beyond expectation.  Companies that have managed to delight customers have essentially and effectively established a sense of loyalty.

    Start by delighting from within. If your employees are happy, you will have happy customers.


    • Is an inbound program
    • Can be conducted outdoors as per client choice
    • Batch size :- 20 – 30 pax
    • Program duration:- 2 days
    • Is experiential in nature
    • Methodology includes role plays, activities, brain storming sessions, videos etc.
    • Concept of Needs v/s Wants
    • Create “Moments of Truth” = “Wow Moments”
    • Quality of Service – Under Promise & Over deliver
    • Word of Mouth
    • Role of Body Language & Communication (Verbal & Non-verbal)
    • Ownership, responsibility and accountability towards Customer Delight
    • Importance of Internal and External Customers