Leaders As Coaches Programs


    In today’s VUCA (Volatile-Uncertain-Complex-Ambiguous) world, leadership needs to constantly evolve.

    Leaders today face multiple challenges, viz.

    • Leading across various generations as well as a diverse population
    • Managing and retaining talent
    • Being able to build long-lasting Stakeholder relationships and influence them
    • Using communication powerfully to drive performance and results
    • Being able to lead across global cultures and diversities

    ‘Coaching’ is a skill that is a “must have” for Leaders to be able to manage all the above.

    Our “Leaders As Coaches” program focuses on the following

    • Understanding ‘What is Coaching’ and what it is not
    • Working with the Eleven ICF Core Competencies
    • Understanding and applying the GROW Model, the Inner Game and SCARF Model.
    • Knowing, imbibing and practicing the key skills required to be an effective
    • Coach .. mindfulness, deep listening and powerful questioning
    • Gaining insights into the “when, where and whom” to Coach
    • Neuroscience, its linkage and application in Coaching
    • The Coaching Journey – a step by step process to be used by you as a
    • Coach with a Client (Coachee)
    • Observed and Mentored coaching based on the above
    • Getting the 60 hour MHRF Certificate as a pre-cursor for ICF ACC credentialing

    MHRF has been conducting this program for Leaders across Organisations for the
    last several years. The impacts that have been shared by Leaders are as follows

    • Cultural shift from ‘Telling and Instructing’ to ‘Asking and Listening’
    • Greater self awareness, mindfulness and empathy
    • High employee engagement
    • Improved interpersonal relationships
    • Easier conflict resolutions
    • Better talent management and retention
    • Amazing increase in the level of creative and innovative ideas
    • All the above leading to direct increase in productivity