With dynamic & engaging story lines that relate to work place situations, our videos act as a performance support tool by linking program learnings to work place applications.

    Why videos by MHRF?

    • Indian characters, actors & locations lead to better connect!
    • Compelling, & immersive thereby leading to better engagement
    • Portable – Share virtually over cell phones, devices or online
    • Deliver learning “on the go” in mirco “easy paced” format.
    • Learners absorb and retain more through visual mediums
    • Empower employees by closing knowledge gaps 
    • Guide employees through specific issues with “just in time” videos
    • Meet your behavioral, formal & informal learning needs

    Watch Our Sample Video

    Our videos are carefully executed and put together, so that they provide learners with the exact same scenario, they would encounter in real life. By adding video to the learning process, Organisations can transform learning effectiveness.

    Benefits of MHRF Videos

    • Simulate Real-World Environments. Viewers relate to the Indianness of our videos.
    • Takes viewers through a scenario and its pros and cons, hence putting them in the right mindset to respond appropriately when faced with similar situations in real life.
    • Our videos bridge the gap between reacting and responding.
    • Is akin to personal training without travel costs and event organization
    • Pre-empt unexpected situations or channel situations to the organisations benefit.
    • Develop problem solving abilities and techniques in viewers
    • Foster’s microlearning within the organisation

    We also produce videos that help sustaining learning. Our offerings in this space are highly customised. The differentiator that MHRF brings to the table is, a combination of domain knowledge and subject matter expertise that, helps organizations effectively deliver the message, without any distortion.

    Talk to us for Role Play, Micro & Training Videos.
    Have your people act on their training through video learning!