Campus to Corporate

    Employability requires three key ingredients of competency – knowledge, skills and attitude. Academia world-wide has been doing a fairly good job on the knowledge front. The gap is mostly observed in areas of soft skills abilities, especially expectations, communication, interpersonal relationship building and working under high pressure. In a workplace, efficiency has to be transformed to effectivity. The need for a campus to corporate program originates from the dynamic environment that we operate in and the skills required to succeed in such an environment. While our education system prepares us thoroughly and intellectually, current work situations require various business skills that are not part of the curriculum in many institutions today. In these scenarios, Campus to Corporate training program boost the confidence of the freshers and provides them tools like goal setting, team work and stress management (to name a few).

    Some of our Customized Training Interventions

    • Personal Grooming & Etiquette
    • Interpersonal Skills
    • Email & Telephone Etiquette
    • Business Communication
    • Time Management
    • Team Work