Sun bathed mountain peaks, cloud covered valleys, snow peaks peeping through the fog, sparkling pebbles sleeping in the river bed! Bird calls waking the life around, staying in a tent viewing all the nature’s splendour, a steaming coffee cup, not to forget a Laptop! That’s how Gen Z visualises their workstation!

    Can you think of a Cycling expedition to Leh or a trek to a picturesque location in the Himalayas without having to disconnect from work for a long period? Wouldn’t it have sounded absurd 10 years ago? I’m sure it would but that’s just the kind of basic requirement that a “new kid on the block” would look at, while choosing their employer in the corporate world, as they steps out with their academic accolades.

    Gen Z, the most privileged when it comes to technology and its usage, adept and updated with the latest gadgets, devices, apps and everything that gives them the flexibility to work and be available to their employer while pursuing their passions at a remote location. Are the employers well-prepared yet, to welcome this young, dynamic, eager, passionate and adventurous class of employees?
    Technology has certainly empowered us in more ways than one. It has made us flexible, stretchable, available, accessible, comfortable at the same time formidable too. As work – life balance and personal passions gain priority over earning a living, achieving career goals or possessing a secured life, the younger generation entering into the corporate world seeks jobs and companies who can provide them with the flexibility at work with respect to time, freedom of thought, meaningful work, interesting work spaces’, least commute times. They look for places that welcome out of the box thinking and appreciate positive contribution without age barriers.
    Gen Z is willing to learn, is eager, is in constant search for challenges and seems to be walking in with expectations of growth, scope for upskilling and access to latest technology, workplaces that are less bureaucratic, without rigid hierarchies, appreciate constructive feedback , not restrictive of social media, does not frown at their lingo, is supportive of social causes and does not impose “office appropriate formal attire”. With a high sense of self-esteem and confidence, the priority for this flexibility seems to be overtaking the need for higher pay.

    “You don’t define yourself by your job!” Brand doesn’t define me! I carve my identity, job doesn’t define me” How often have you heard a young co-worker mention this or the younger family member throw their wisdom at us with such self-assuredness?

    This generation is certainly thoughtful, compassionate and hardworking, they could even go beyond and work for their supporting employers but do the employers have the patience and perspective yet to gratify these demands? A generation that gets restless with repetitive meaningless tasks, that looks at shortcuts?! At times vulnerable and heavily dependent and influenced by social media, can their loyalty be trusted upon? Can the age-old well proven pattern of policies and adherences be compromised? Do ever increasing cases and voices that scream of burn out, depression, frustration, overwork make them a generation of low tolerance, low motivation that needs constant reinforcement?
    Employing, engaging and retaining this Gen of workers is undoubtedly a challenge but haven’t all generations come with their own set of challenges! Its time for the corporates to remodel, rework and get a makeover to fit the new age employees who can give themselves to their work no matter where they sit, what time in the day/night it is, provided they are heard and appreciated for the freshness in thought and deed! Gen Z is redrawing the complicated lines between work and play!

    Nature does set an example by allowing the fresh waters to flush away the old muck, that’s the only way to stay sparkling, transparent and renewed!